PBX System

ZimawPBX can be used as a highly available single or domain based multi-tenant PBX, carrier grade switch, call center server, fax server, voip server, voicemail server, conference server, voice application server, appliance framework and more. ZimawPBX is a highly scalable, multi-threaded, multi-platform communication platform. 

It provides unlimited extensions, voicemail-to-email, music on hold, call parking, call center, call queues, phone provisioning and many other features. It provides the functionality your business needs and brings corporate level phone system features to small, medium and large businesses.

We offer cloud hosted API’s, ZimawPBX commercial support, custom development and more.  If you need assistance with your ZimawSWITCH deployment or would like to discuss cloud services through Zimaw, email sales@zimaw.com or call +4531662060

Benefits of FusionPBX

  1. Adding extra functionality to the incredibly robust Zimaw VoIP Platform.
  2. Makes ZimawPBX easy to administer while at the same time still allowing you to work directly within ZimawPBX Command Line Interface (fs_cli) when you need to.
  3. Gives your users and tenants an attractive GUI interface to interact with.

FusionPBX Features

Call BlockCall BroadcastCall FlowsCall Center
Call Detail RecordsConferenceContactsFax Server
Follow MeHot DeskingIVR MenusRing Groups
Multi-TenantMusic on HoldQueuesRecordings
Device ProvisioningStreamsQR Code ProvisioningSMS/MMS ready
Time ConditionsWebRTC readyVoicemailand lots more…